Sun Screens – Textilene Mesh Solar Screens

Should I use the 80% or the 90% screening?
If you prefer more light and better airflow you should purchase 80%. If you prefer more glare reduction and energy efficiency you should purchase the 90% because of its tighter weave.

Will solar screens darken the room?
80% solar screens still allow plenty of light to come in whereas 90% solar screens may noticeably darken the room.

Can you see through the 80%/90%?
Solar screens provide excellent visibility, especially the darker colors, while at the same time providing daytime privacy from people outside seeing in.

What do you use to clean 80%/90% and other Textilene® mesh products?
Proper care includes regular cleaning with a mild natural soap and lukewarm water (not to exceed 100┬░ F.) DO NOT USE DETERGENTS. A soft bristled brush should be used to loosen soil on the fabric surface.

Does 80%/90% reduce heat?
Solar screens are designed to reduce heat transfer that is generated when the sun’s rays passes through the glass windows allowing for up to 20% energy savings.

Should I take my solar screens off in winter?
Solar screens create somewhat of a barrier, keeping the cold winter winds off your glass, therefore, keeping the temperature of the glass warmer. The warmer you keep the glass, the less energy you waste trying to keep rooms heated.

Can I use 80%/90% indoors?
Solar screens are most effective on the outside of the window. The solar screen is made to reflect the sun’s heat and UV rays before it reaches the glass but can be used inside usually on some type of roll shade.